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Sunday, 26 June 2005

__1. Bantus Capoeira__

* Afique
* Andrew Shee
* Athira
* Cabecao
* Durim
* Jai
* Khairul
* Azizul Hakim & Melissa
* Hadi Amrul
* Nadia
* Natharah
* Perereca
* Quek & Candice
* Rafael & Marissa Parry
* Riz & spouse
* Sophie
* Terry & Lynn
* Wai Hoong & partner
* Woei Hern & Juli
* Youri & Ai Lynn
* Jamal & Hitomi
* Imran Johri

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#1Gravatar imagenat says:

partner, that’s funny 🙂

#2Gravatar imageAndrew da Ferret says:

Nat, will you be my ‘partner’? 😉

#3Gravatar imageFaustao says:

No, Nat… be MY partner… 👿

#4Gravatar imageWu Han says:

Nat is Nathaniel Tan. He is a GUY. But i guess you’d all still want him to be your partner… Nat, you desirable monkey you…

#5Gravatar imageAndrew da Ferret says:

my message was solely intented for Natharah (aka Lesma) and no one else!!!!!!! 😀

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