13 Days To Go

Saturday, 18 June 2005

We're just shy of 2 weeks from our tea ceremony! Apologies for the long silence--all our time has been devoted mainly to settling all the remaining preparations for our big day. The last two weeks have been a marathon of calls, meetings, e-mails, brainstorming, decision-making and travelling to and fro Cyberview Lodge. Some key highlights which stand out in my mind:

  • We felt that the idea of setting up our wedding website not only as a tool for our own friends and family involved but also for the web community in general, paid off when a couple contacted us via Yahoo Messenger sometime last week to enquire about hosting a wedding at Cyberview Lodge. This is what we intended--that people can find information that is relevant to them, provided by real people with real experiences of the products or services in question.

  • I had to learn to let go of stereotypical 'safe' thinking in order to truly be creative with the dinner's programme.

  • There is a bound to be a huge pool of talent in your guest list who would be more than happy to help contribute to the wedding, but you have to do the asking, not wait for them to offer themselves as help.

  • Music plays such an important role in setting the mood for the dinner. I found that I preferred movie soundtracks or instrumental scores to create the right atmosphere at certain points during the garden ceremony or the dinner, rather than songs with words. To me well-written music is sufficient in evoking feelings--words are secondary.

  • I shamefully admit that I do have a bad temper hidden underneath my usually sunny exterior. I'm impatient, and I'm thankful that Han is nothing like that.

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