The Power of Clear Conscience

Thursday, 5 May 2005

"You can endure anything when your conscience is clear."

Whoa there. My ears pricked at that sentence and my brain kicked into high gear. This was said during the BSF session on Tuesday night as part of the talk to round off the week's bible study on enduring persecution for good behaviour as a Christian.

First thought: "Man, this is SO open to abuse..."

I think most religions issue fair warning to their devotees that they will face some form of opposition to living out their beliefs, and that they should stand firm regardless of the accusations hurled at them. Christianity is no exception.

Danger presents itself, however, when we lose sight of the yardstick of for 'righteous' behaviour. Firstly, we should be looking to God as the example to follow. Secondly, whether or not our actions are right is made clear by their results. Once we forget to audit ourselves based on these 2 things, I think we'd be in for a rough time.

The ones who headed the Crusades lost sight of it.

Al Qaeda followers seemed to have forgotten too.

How can a loving God who stretched out and died on the cross as an offering for salvation for mankind, possibly be an advocate of that kind of cold-blooded killing?


I think I'll leave it at that. Mind's too soupy to write anything coherent for now.


#1Gravatar imageTopogigio says:

That’s an interesting statement. I’m not sure how true it is, because I’d argue the opposite is true; an unclear conscience will doom you into enduring.

When you have a clear conscience, you don’t have to endure anything. Speak your mind, do what you deem necessary without hindrance. In other words, to be able to act without considering negative impacts.

I think it takes an unclear conscience to make someone compassionate. The ability to emphatize with the suffering of another comes from knowing the pain itself. I think that was one of Jesus’s lessons when he said “let those without sin cast the first stone”, and shamed everyone who was out to persecute someone they deemed a criminal.

please don’t mind me; I spend way too much time thinking about philosophy and ethics. A remnant of my Uni years 😛

#2Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Easy, because they (the heathens or pagans) are killed for their own good. After all, if they are not gracious enough to be converted, then they must be in league with the devil. They must be purged of their sins/crimes/misbeliefs one way or another. Oh, and let’s not forget the heretics…. since your orthodoxy is someone else’s doxy.

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