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Monday, 21 March 2005

At the end of a gruelling day at work on Thursday last week, I was quite alert and bubbling over with excitement when Han and I finally came home close to midnight. We had met with 2 wedding photographers that evening--David Chua and James Katz--at their homes in SS2 and USJ respectively to view their work and discuss the packages they had available. By the time we finally headed for home, we were almost certain that James fit our bill exactly.

Firstly, he specialises in black and white photography. Not only does he have a photojournalistic eye, but he develops his own prints as well--by hand. He's one of the rare people in Malaysia who still practices this, and the photographs are just enchanting. His dark room is in his home, but colour prints are done at a lab elsewhere. Black and whites have this timeless and magical quality about them, an effect which most colour photographs just can't convey to the same extent. So we were over the moon when we pored over his work (which he was more than willing to show off, and understandably so!)

In addition to this, his enthusiasm and genuine love for photography was contagious. When he related stories from past wedding shoots, I couldn't help but feel reassured that he knew what to expect and anticipate at our own wedding, and how to tackle each stage of the event. We laughed at his zeal for wanting to capture moments which he deems priceless, because the sequence of some photos spoke of his unapologetic flat-out running around the grounds to do just that. One of my friends told me recently that James had covered another wedding where he lay sprawled on the ground to photograph the exchange of marriage vows. That's determination for you!

Oh, and about pricing--he merely mentioned that his standard fee was MYR3,800 for a day. When asked about limits, he replied that he would keep shooting until he felt he had enough material for his 'masterpieces'; he doesn't put a cap on how many rolls he'd expend. With that, he continued to scurry back and forth bringing out his prints to lay on the dining table for us.

I think one of the most crucial elements which caused us to choose James was the fact that we got along pretty well with him, finding common ground in our interests in photography (albeit to varying degrees).

A couple of days later, we handed him his first instalment of MYR1,900.

Wedding photography--settled!

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