Someone’s Skinning A Cat

Thursday, 3 March 2005

I don't intend to sound racist, but what's wrong with these people who write/sing Malay songs which go on air these days? Regardless of the content of the song (be it about Hari Raya or 'rindu'-ing a loved one), why do they all have the tendency to sound like dirges sung a la Metallica?


#1Gravatar imageWu Han says:

Sheila Majid, Ning Baizura and Amy Mastura are not too bad *wat*…

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

one particular name comes to mind:


#3Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Hmm…..well, Awie (of Wings fame) is NOT the only one – mention Amy of Search or even Abu (of MAY fame) who screeched up to a VERY high G sharp in one song (Dari Kaca Mata) that I sequenced for a Malay Rock karaoke CD – yikes!!

#4Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Man… I don’t even listen to them…

#5Gravatar imageQuecka says:

Man Bai, Innuendo, Zainal Abidin got some good sh#$%#$^t
Also check out Butterfingers – Malaysia’s answer to U2 🙂

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