Driving up to Penang

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Michelle and I will be in Penang for the upcoming weekend. We plan to drive up either on Friday or Saturday afternoon. Michelle's taken a half-day and I've taken the day off from work on Friday to get rested for the trip. The main reason we're going is to take part in USM's Kung-Fu Night as part of the performance by Bantus Capoeira. At the same time, I hope to meet up with Michelle's grandparents and to get some long overdue down-time. I am looking forward to unwinding by the beach and soaking up some island sunshine.

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#1Gravatar imageWu Han says:

Follow up: [Penang Tripping](http://www.bantus.com.my/archives/2005/01/17/penang-tripping “Bantus.com.my: Penang Tripping”)

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