Painting Shelah

06.11.14 No Comments

I haven’t painted a proper picture or portrait in a very, very long time—so when I finally had the impetus to do it this afternoon, I stuck it out and finished this in one sitting (I’m so glad that the kids weren’t…  

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Travel Fears

02.11.14 No Comments

I fear long distance traveling. Driving up to Penang included. But this coming month we’ll be doing a LOT of jetting about by plane, which is even more terrifying for me. What I fear for the most, however, is the kids’ safety as…  

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“You Have A Beautiful Smile.”

25.10.14 No Comments

“You have a beautiful smile,” said Uncle John, whom I had just met the day before when we all first opened up our booths at the KL Eco Film Fest 2014 at Publika, just this past weekend. He was selling potted plants…  

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Planned vs Actual To-Do List

02.10.14 No Comments

The realities of trying to run a business alongside family responsibilities.  

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Where I’m Buying Seeds From

14.07.14 No Comments

Iris Gardening. They provide basic information on how to best germinate seeds, including for those which aren’t native to the tropics, like rosemary and english lavender. I’ve already sowed seeds for the latter along with basil and thyme, and am awaiting the former…  

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Cheating My Way To An Edible Garden

13.07.14 No Comments

I love gardens, but ironically I don’t seem to have the green fingers to contribute to growing things well. So after many sad, barren pots of soil later, I tried a different way of planting herbs—I bought bundles of them from the supermarket vegetable shelves, and put them in the soil back home. The results have been promising!  

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Coming Full Circle

09.07.14 No Comments

When I first left my job at TA Investment Management, I thought I wouldn’t be grappling with things like compliance work or business continuity planning, until perhaps I joined another company’s workforce once again. Boy was I wrong. Now in my 6th year…  

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Cost of Maintaining a Website

01.06.14 No Comments

I just tallied up all the money I’ve put into Kindersoaps’ website this year alone, and it came up to a cool figure of RM999.09. What a nice number! There were several new plugins to improve reporting functions, improve inventory tracking in…  

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The Nice Thing About Barriers…

29.05.14 No Comments

…is that you get a fantastic view of your surroundings while working hard at scaling said barriers. Context is invaluable, after all.  

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Looking Like A Million Bucks

12.05.14 No Comments

Here’s a photo of an astonishingly lightweight cotton silk fabric which I found at my usual fabric supplier in SS2. In a few days’ time I should have transformed it into a dress shirt. I think I’ve done enough sewing projects to realise that there…  

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