A Week of Refreshing Conversations

20.06.15 No Comments

Colour test for my new Winsor & Newton Cotman 45 Half Pan Studio Set. I’m well pleased. It’s not often that I have the chance to indulge in proper grown-up conversations in a usual week, even more rarely the…  

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What Makes A ‘Pretty’ Drawing?

05.06.15 No Comments

This casual, but deliberate drawing got me thinking about what makes for a pretty picture.  

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In This Month’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly

11.05.15 No Comments

One for the trip down memory lane, when Andrea’s older. Click on the photo to read the article.  

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Don’t Be Lazy

18.04.15 No Comments

Plenty has been happening on the work front. Ever since we began production again in the studio after it was renovated, I have been receiving a steady stream of custom orders. Some are larger than others, some still in the testing stage. Then…  

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Being Happy With Less

25.02.15 No Comments

Chinese New Year festivities are drawing to a close. I went back to work proper yesterday, churning out 2  batches of soap—but not before getting seriously panicky when I was trapped in my studio’s bathroom, whose door latch suddenly wouldn’t budge. I’ve made…  

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Day 3 of CNY, We Went On A Date

21.02.15 No Comments

It’s very rare that Han feels compelled to go shopping. So when he does, it makes for a fun outing. This time we left the kids at home because Andrea was down with a fever, and Sean was also coughing. We headed…  

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I Am Not Nice To My Kids

15.01.15 No Comments

Why I think it is critical to not be my child’s “best friend”.  

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Painting A Flamenco Dancer

27.12.14 No Comments

Finally did it, after months of sitting on many links to photos of dancers! And I also tried to make an animated gif that showed the painting process, somewhat.   I’m well pleased.  

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We Are Stardust

17.12.14 No Comments

Sunset while on a canoeing tour at Phang Nga Bay, Phuket.   Once in a while, you face a scene that reminds you of how very small you are in the grand scheme of things… and how mighty your Creator…  

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“The Stranger Within Our Gates”

10.11.14 No Comments

Who would have thought you’d come across something so thoughtful on a bookmark, given by a hotel? Because this hotel is a human institution to serve people and not solely a money-making organisation, we hope that God will grant you peace and rest while you are under our roof. May this…  

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