Fragmented Mind

04.08.11 No Comments

This afternoon, as I am working on a lengthy response to an email enquiry, these are what I am dealing with at the same time: numerous requests from Brandon to let him watch cartoons, but they were denied to him because he didn’t…  

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Experiment: Curing Soap While In Cotton Muslin Bags

15.03.10 No Comments

Given Malaysia’s generally high levels of humidity, I’m wondering whether it’s actually safe to leave my stock of soap in their cotton muslin bags for long periods of time to continue curing past their usual 4 weeks on the drying rack. So I’m…  

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Stops and Starts

26.01.10 3 Comments

I handled yesterday very poorly—literally crying over spilt milk, ruining dinner by messing up the pastry crust for the leek and bacon pie I planned to make, and flying into a rage the moment one of the kids…  

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So Much Has Changed

08.12.08 1 Comment

Gosh it’s been about 2 months since I did a proper blog post. Sorry about it being so quiet here, and thanks for so faithfully checking up on us through Salameander. We have been having a marvelous time. I personally feel undeservedly…  

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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat…

10.06.08 No Comments

The past few days have been quite hectic at work. We’re finally launching our new fund on the 17th, after months of delays and returned submissions to the Securities Commission. With the exception of the fund’s leaflet and our company’s master…  

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22.04.08 1 Comment

Is it just me, or am I the office alien?  

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Workplace Update

25.03.08 1 Comment

#### Exit CEO and GM I cried at their farewell party in the office. It was embarrassing—but it really was heartfelt, because they were the two people in the company with whom I worked the closest with. We shared our ideas, critiques,…  

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Morale at All Time Low

29.11.07 1 Comment

3 resignations in a row. First our GM announced his decision to leave in January. Then the CEO. And our product guy has already left. The remaining staff are asking what the succession plans are for the leadership positions. There are none…  

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12.11.07 No Comments

Weddings. The next 2-3 years will see a flurry of the celebration amongst our closer friends. It’s *that* time of our lives. The next phase will be getting together at our children’s birthday parties. Graduations. Then our children’s weddings. Then funerals. In any…  

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Trying to be Impartial

27.10.07 1 Comment

My boss has just agreed to award our largest printing job of the year to a completely new printer, who beat the other printers flat in terms of pricing, and promised high quality work delivered on time. I personally stuck my neck…  

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