When A New Hire Vaporizes Ingredients Worth Hundreds of Ringgit…

22.05.17 No Comments

…how should one react? (Note: writing this piece is part of my “recovery” process. It’s more cathartic, rather than an exploration of best practices.) Years back I would have just lost my cool immediately, and allow my dissatisfaction to show, even if my words were…  

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Serendipity Is…

24.02.17 No Comments

…discovering that our soap customers are actually more excited and passionate about environmental issues related to skincare, rather than the quality of the goods themselves (as observed by their engagement statistics with our FB posts).  

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GMP Audit - Round Two

05.04.16 No Comments

OK it’s official - the next GMP Audit date for Kinder Soaps has been set for April 13th (Wednesday). Frantically going over my documentation (SOPs, Staff Training Schedules, Batch Records, QC Sheets etc), ticking off mental checklists in my head about anything outstanding with…  

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In This Month’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly

11.05.15 No Comments

One for the trip down memory lane, when Andrea’s older. Click on the photo to read the article.  

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Don’t Be Lazy

18.04.15 No Comments

Plenty has been happening on the work front. Ever since we began production again in the studio after it was renovated, I have been receiving a steady stream of custom orders. Some are larger than others, some still in the testing stage. Then…  

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Planned vs Actual To-Do List

02.10.14 No Comments

The realities of trying to run a business alongside family responsibilities.  

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Coming Full Circle

09.07.14 No Comments

When I first left my job at TA Investment Management, I thought I wouldn’t be grappling with things like compliance work or business continuity planning, until perhaps I joined another company’s workforce once again. Boy was I wrong. Now in my 6th year…  

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Cost of Maintaining a Website

01.06.14 No Comments

I just tallied up all the money I’ve put into Kindersoaps’ website this year alone, and it came up to a cool figure of RM999.09. What a nice number! There were several new plugins to improve reporting functions, improve inventory tracking in…  

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The Nice Thing About Barriers…

29.05.14 No Comments

…is that you get a fantastic view of your surroundings while working hard at scaling said barriers. Context is invaluable, after all.  

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Confinement Month, Day 10

29.09.12 No Comments

We’ve found our rhythm.  

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