Our Wedding Blog

18.05.05 No Comments

For information on our wedding, do visit our [Wedding Blog][wb] which Han has set up for us all to use.  

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Evening Gown

12.04.05 2 Comments

I’m so excited—the ball’s rolling with regards to my evening dress. I’m now more or less certain that Anna Lee Rajakumar of [That Special Occasion][tso] will be the one to handle this for me. This weekend I’ll be visiting her to have…  

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We’ve Got Our Man!

21.03.05 1 Comment

At the end of a gruelling day at work on Thursday last week, I was quite alert and bubbling over with excitement when Han and I finally came home close to midnight. We had met with 2 wedding photographers that evening—[David Chua][david]…  

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Update on Wedding Photography

04.03.05 1 Comment

I’ve been e-mailing [Grant Corban][corban] and he’s bounced off a bunch of other wedding photographers to get in touch with. There’s [James Katz][katz], [David Chua Photography][chua], [Camwork Photo][camwork], and Peter Sim to check up on. My colleague also recommended that I make…  

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Wedding Photography

23.02.05 9 Comments

My lady colleagues and I got into an animated discussion about wedding photography over our company’s Chinese New Year lunch today, as 2 of us will be getting married this year. I’ve been asking around for contacts, and so far [Covershots](http://www.covershots.com.my) and…  

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Wedding Cards and Gifts

16.02.05 No Comments

Han and I took the day off on Valentine‚Äôs to do a spot of shopping at 1U—we bought, among other things, a very decent [blender](http://www.braun.com/global/products/fooddrink/blendersjuicers/powerblend.html) and an eye-catching piece of cabin luggage (its polycarbonate casing is mostly silver). We also paid a visit…  

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Cyberview Lodge It Is!

28.01.05 3 Comments

It’s official—we’ve put down the deposit to book the hall at Cyberview Lodge for July the 2nd this year. Han’s parents forked out the 20% booking fee (thanks so much!). That points to the pitiful state of our savings, really. To think…  

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Updates On Today’s Hotel Visits

15.01.05 No Comments

Phew, it’s been a long afternoon. Han, his parents and myself waded through Jalan Ampang lunch hour traffic to get to the [Westin](http://www.starwoodhotels.com/westin/search/hotel_detail.html?propertyID=1443), where we eagerly made our way to Prego for a late meal. Along the way, they filled me in on that morning’s trip to [Cyberview Lodge](http://www.cyberview-lodge.com/).  

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Cyberview Lodge Visit

14.01.05 No Comments

This morning Han went with his parents to check out [Cyberview Lodge](http://www.cyberview-lodge.com/ “Click here for pretty pictures and how to get there”) which is one of the possible venues for the wedding banquet. From what I recall from the few visits I made there myself in the past, it’s a pretty place.  

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