Baby Updates

06.02.08 1 Comment

Brandon can walk! Albeit unsteadily, but I’m sure we’ll see him running into things in no time, given his dogged determination. AAAaaaand. The next one’s a girl. Most likely, said the doctor. The whole family’s thrilled. Even Brandon…  

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Video: Brandon’s First Attempts at Crawling

05.12.07 2 Comments

Brandon was always a wiggly baby, but he only really started crawling on his tummy at about 6.5 to 7 months. Now he’s much more agile of course. By that, I don’t mean he stays accident-free.  

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Brandon Likes Licking Labels

09.09.07 2 Comments

Well, maybe just the one stuck to the inner side of his car seat. From the video you can tell that he *knows* when he’s being watched!  

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Brandon Chatting With Papa

08.06.07 3 Comments

Our little one is getting more and more expressive each day. Han gets the best out of him in this aspect, whereas I’m a total retard when it comes to talking with him. I’m trying my best…  

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Real Cars Playing Football!

02.05.07 No Comments

I didn’t quite believe it at first, but [this]( is great fun to watch! What a way to showcase Toyota’s Aygos on BBC’s ever popular Top Gear programme. Link found on [Karen Cheng’s blog](  

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14.03.07 No Comments

Having bird feeders is not a common thing in Malaysia, and neither do most of us have the good fortune of having squirrels running around our compounds. It’s a household feature in temperate countries though. So I suppose inventing a gadget like…  

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VW Phaeton Commercial

03.02.07 No Comments

This is one *amazing* ad. Cheeky music, extremely clever use of shadow puppetry. It’s entitled “What Hands Can Do”. Watch it on [YouTube](  

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Talking Cats

27.03.06 4 Comments

Who’d have guessed?? Click ‘more’ to watch the video.  

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