Pole Dancing - Seriously Addictive Fun

20.10.09 10 Comments

Why I’m so immersed in my pole dancing adventure.  

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How To Cheer Up A Cancer Patient

18.10.09 No Comments

My mom’s in Singapore GH, recuperating from a surgery called pleuraldysis (spelling?) done on her lungs in an attempt to stop fluid from accumulating between the lungs and its pleural lining. Dad’s with her there to give her physical and emotional support—but…  

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How Brandon Plays at the Dinner Table

19.05.09 No Comments

Short video clip of one of the many ways Brandon has made us laugh with his child’s play.  

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Chatty Andrea

28.09.08 No Comments

Andrea’s getting really fun to play with.  

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Brandon and Coufu’s Music

15.09.08 No Comments

Brandon happily sways to Lionel’s music selection.  

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Playtime Turned Naptime

31.05.08 No Comments

This was taken this evening, after Brandon spent a whole day with us running around shopping malls. We had a rather fun day out—it started off with a brunch cum grocery run at Bangsar Village…  

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Brandon Dancing

06.05.08 No Comments

Brandon seems to like music! He even shows a preference for certain kinds of styles—so far he does his little jig mostly to R&B (e.g. [Usher’s “Yeah”](http://www.imeem.com/theman12/music/d5uFoY-A/usher_feat_lil_jon_and_ludac_yeah/)) and jazz (one or two numbers from…  

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Playtime Before Bed

30.04.08 1 Comment

Catch Brandon’s look of glee towards the end of the clip!  

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Sayang Mei Mei…

28.04.08 No Comments

Video of Brandon learning how to show affection to his sister. Aaawww…  

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