Where Attention Goes, Results Show.

27.12.09 No Comments

Or something like that. But what if you’re like millions of mothers out there whose attention is spread so thin across all the many things that we have to take care of, all of which can be deceptively simple to categorise as the…  

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Blessed Christmas Everyone!

25.12.09 No Comments

These are the things I’m grateful for this Christmas, in no particular order: Having *just* enough time to get gifts for the people who matter most to me. Last night’s roast leg of lamb which we shared with…  

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Midnight Mommy Rants

16.10.09 4 Comments

I follow a lot of positive-thinking people on Twitter, and even some religious leaders. Every day I get to read some inspirational snippet which can act upon. But trust me all you new mothers out there, it’s hard to be a ‘higher self’…  

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26.09.09 No Comments

These days, amidst the crazy juggling act of managing the kids, trying to be a good wife, developing Kinder Soaps, there seems to be little opportunity for me to truly be…  

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Off-The-Cuff Remarks

21.05.09 No Comments

(My dad is looking for something to write with and comes across Brandon’s box of colouring pencils) Dad: I need a pencil. Me: Just grab one from there lah. Dad: But they’re all multicoloured! Me: Then just…  

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New Beginnings

03.12.08 No Comments

####November 7th-9th Got super hyped up at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore, came back a changed person. First time away from babies for more than a day. Was graciously hosted by Jessie and Kris. When I came back, I saw Andrea roll…  

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Tonight Our Home Is Silent At 9pm

31.10.08 No Comments

The quiet is just a little unsettling. At this time almost every night, we’re all home and only just starting to settle into the evening’s routine—Brandon would be cleaned up and have his milk, then his teeth brushed, before being put to…  

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Work, Hobbies and Dependents

10.10.08 No Comments

Incredible number of things happening at the moment. At work, we’re preparing for a new fund to be launched on the 28th this month, right after Deepavali. I’m once again pushing for the use of Basecamp to get everyone on the same page,…  

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