Serendipity Is…

24.02.17 No Comments

…discovering that our soap customers are actually more excited and passionate about environmental issues related to skincare, rather than the quality of the goods themselves (as observed by their engagement statistics with our FB posts).  

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Celebrating Little Victories

11.12.15 No Comments

…like discovering 540MB of inaccessible, unused files in my Movies folder (I think Han uninstalled iMovie from my laptop in September last year). Helloo, disk space!  

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Being Happy With Less

25.02.15 No Comments

Chinese New Year festivities are drawing to a close. I went back to work proper yesterday, churning out 2  batches of soap—but not before getting seriously panicky when I was trapped in my studio’s bathroom, whose door latch suddenly wouldn’t budge. I’ve made…  

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Word Play

19.07.12 No Comments

This afternoon I was playing with the kids, and we were taking turns filling up a little paper ‘treasure box’ with little toys to give to one another. They were delighted with the activity—we kept going at it for quite a few…  

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Keeping Up With Progress

23.11.10 2 Comments

* Blows off cobwebs * Hi. I’m Michelle. You know, the author around here? Nice to meet you. Again. I have all these thoughts dammed up in my brain. Yet while they’re desperately seeking an outlet to be expressed, I just can’t fathom where…  

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How A Father Can Entertain His Children - Even While He’s Still Asleep

10.05.10 2 Comments

Brandon normally wakes up the household at 7am on the dot each morning, calling out, “GOOD MORNING PAPA!” after flinging his room door wide open. Andrea is usually still a little groggy at that point, but chirpy most of the time. These days…  

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Daddy’s Little Girl - Watching The Rain

22.03.10 No Comments

Watching the storm rage outside, safe in papa’s lap.  

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10.03.10 No Comments

####Brandon turns 3 on Monday! We’re thinking of getting him  (and for the sake of keeping the peace, Andrea as well) a bicycle with trainer wheels. But as to how we’re going to celebrate it, no plans just yet. The guy is getting…  

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Michelle: Status Quo

20.02.10 No Comments

CURRENTLY FEELING Tired but enormously proud to have been able to contribute a whole lemon cake for tonight’s potluck at my aunt’s. And that the children were well-behaved (in the grand scheme of things). And wishing Han would come over unbidden to give…  

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Stops and Starts

26.01.10 3 Comments

I handled yesterday very poorly—literally crying over spilt milk, ruining dinner by messing up the pastry crust for the leek and bacon pie I planned to make, and flying into a rage the moment one of the kids…  

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