We Are Stardust

17.12.14 No Comments

Sunset while on a canoeing tour at Phang Nga Bay, Phuket.   Once in a while, you face a scene that reminds you of how very small you are in the grand scheme of things… and how mighty your Creator…  

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The Week That Has Been

16.12.05 9 Comments

Snippets of the past week.  

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Pangkor, Here We Come!

22.10.05 2 Comments

This is it—we’re finally off on our honeymoon tomorrow morning!  

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Planning For Bali

16.09.05 4 Comments

Notes to self about possible places to stay: [Villa Semana](http://www.villasemana.com) It’s quite expensive, but a tempting-looking hideaway for the both of us. [Maya Ubud](http://www.mayaubud.com/about.htm) Another beautiful but expensive resort and spa. [Jepun Bali Resort](http://www.jepun-bali.com/) Han found…  

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Sandakan in Pictures

05.06.05 5 Comments

Finally! This is a photo-intensive post. Here we go…  

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18.05.05 3 Comments

I’ve just come back from a 2-day trip to Sandakan, to visit a fish farm there which is going for listing soon.  

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Singapore In Pictures

16.03.05 12 Comments

This is a photo-intensive entry. I’m so glad I had a camera with me throughout the trip to Singapore! Anyway, here we go…  

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Aeroline to Singapore

08.03.05 No Comments

I left the office at 4:30pm and headed home as quickly as I can. The afternoon is going to be one mad rush to get to Singapore. After suffering an annoying jam at the Sunway cable bridge intersection, I did one last…  

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