London Underground

06.05.05 2 Comments

Listen someone sing and rant about [it][underground]. Thanks for the link Lionel! [underground]:  

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Should Roads Be Colour-Coded?

12.04.05 3 Comments

While we were on the way to the LRT station on Monday morning, Han wondered aloud as to why roads haven’t been made a different colour, instead of the usual dark gray. Why can’t we have coloured road surfaces? Different areas could…  

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12.04.05 No Comments

Initially we were going to move into Tiara Damansara in Section 17 sometime at the end of this month, after we are done with the necessary renovations to the place—but now plans have been altered somewhat. It turns out that Han’s parents…  

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Happy Birthday!

10.04.05 9 Comments

To my dearest wife and friend, here’s wishing you many more years to look forward to. May your every hope and dream be realized and wishes be fulfilled. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without your support and encouragement…  

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Beware Jeremy Clarkson

14.03.05 No Comments

Here’s a [sample][sample] of his writing—a real treat for those who enjoy wry British humour, and would like to get hold of car reviews. He does an excellent job of both. An excerpt from his review of the Citroën C4 (he hates…  

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Dealing With Freaks

13.03.05 6 Comments

Lately I’ve been the target of an annoying pervert hell-bent on sending me pictures of his elaborate porn collection with the belief that this is the best way to get girls to notice him. Not only that, he has on several occasions…  

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Someone’s Skinning A Cat

03.03.05 5 Comments

I don’t intend to sound racist, but what’s wrong with these people who write/sing Malay songs which go on air these days? Regardless of the content of the song (be it about Hari Raya or ‘rindu’-ing a loved one), why do they…  

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Phrase Of The Day

01.03.05 4 Comments

Pearl of wisdom which was mentioned during lunch with my dad and Lionel today: > *”Contra windum, non pisundum”* Try putting yourself into the most (pig) Latin frame of mind as possible before trying to figure that one out. I’m tempted to stick it…  

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Lizard Speak

23.02.05 5 Comments

How would you describe the sound that an ordinary [house lizard][lizard] makes? My husband says it clucks. I say it goes ‘chit-chit-chit’. …and you wonder what newlyweds get up to. [lizard]:  

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Weekend Food Fest

21.02.05 1 Comment

There was so much good grub that it was almost criminal for Han and I to have enjoyed it all! We were invited to my boss’s home (he keeps calling it the ‘square house’—I only understood why when I actually saw it. Lots…  

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