Furoshiki: Saying “No” to Plastic Bags

25.05.08 3 Comments

RM79—that’s the price I paid for one large square piece of cloth made of pure cotton, printed with geometric designs on both sides. A day later I went back to Isetan to get another! Just what had gotten into me? This was the…  

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Play Weekend

04.02.08 No Comments

“I want to buy a Lego set.” “Can I please buy a Lego set?” “I already know which one I want.” So I finally pinned down this weekend as THE weekend to get Han his much-desired toy. It’s quite cute to see him this excited…  

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The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep

10.01.08 2 Comments

Some time ago Han and I started digging a little deeper into the world of posture-friendly mattresses. We did our online research, visited blogs and websites—then finally we made the time to visit a [Tempur](http://www.tempur.com) showroom along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar. We were…  

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Spent 90 Sen, Received RM1,500

01.05.07 1 Comment

Okay, so it’s not in cold hard cash—but hey, we couldn’t possibly complain about receiving this first prize hamper with men’s products sponsored by Origins! There’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body scrub, some shaving products which I’m not sure how to use,…  

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Drool-Worthy #2

20.06.06 No Comments

![Mcfarlane Dragons Series 4 Komodo boxed set](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/20060620mcfarlane4komodo_01.jpg) [Mcfarlane Dragons Series 4](http://www.spawn.com/toys/series.aspx?series=314) Komodo boxed set, to be released in August 2006.  

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System Memory Dump

29.01.06 2 Comments

Happy Chinese New Year guys. The weather’s turned…let the daily slow roasting begin. I’m gonna be rambling on for quite a bit with things I myself would like to remember.  

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Christmas Gifts

13.12.05 No Comments

Guess what—my boss agreed to have the [S&P book](http://www.salameander.com/2005/12/07/most-wanted-material-things-for-christmas/) bought under the company’s periodicals budget!  

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Most Wanted (Material Things) For Christmas

07.12.05 3 Comments

All we want for Christmas are: ![logitech momo steering wheel](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/logitechmomosteeringwheel.gif “for playing Need For Speed Most Wanted”) A [Logitech Momo(R) Racing steering wheel](http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/MY/EN,CRID=2217,CONTENTID=6030) for Wu Han, retailing at about RM350 and, ![S&P](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/snpfundamentalsbook.jpg) The [Standard & Poor’s Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis (Hardcover)](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0071441638/104-3700897-9543957?v=glance&n=283155) for me, retailing for…  

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World of Warcraft-The Board Game

25.11.05 2 Comments

![World of Warcraft-The Board Game](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/20051125wow.jpg) I found out about this game from The Star newspaper and got more (tasty) information from the official [website](http://fantasyflightgames.com/worldofwarcraft.html). Check this out-the game features a massive 2ft x 3ft game board, more than a 120 plastic miniatures, 800…  

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The Smart Roadster Coupé

09.11.05 4 Comments

![Smart Roadster Coupé](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/20050909-roadster2.png) Alright, I’ve taken the [BMW 1 Series](http://www.salameander.com/2005/02/21/the-bmw-1-series) off my list and have replaced it with the über cool Smart Roadster Coupé. I caught one driving in SS2 some nights ago and it’s tiny! Small as it may be, this 0.6…  

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