Day 3 of CNY, We Went On A Date

21.02.15 No Comments

It’s very rare that Han feels compelled to go shopping. So when he does, it makes for a fun outing. This time we left the kids at home because Andrea was down with a fever, and Sean was also coughing. We headed…  

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Review: Beverly In Summer Messenger Bag From Christy Studio

19.05.10 4 Comments

I am completely thrilled with my first ‘purchase’ from Christy Foh of We actually did a barter trade / exchange—a bunch of my handmade soap for 1 of her made-to-order canvas sling bags. I’m happy to report that both sides are…  

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All 3 Handmade Leather Journals Arrived Today!

12.02.10 14 Comments

I was lumbering after the kids, clutching Andrea’s hand to make sure she didn’t trip on her oversized towel, fumbling with the apartment keys when Brandon called from up ahead, “Look! Look! Mummy, what’s that?” He was pointing at something on the…  

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Family Time

31.08.08 1 Comment

Rapid fire update on what’s been going on: As you can see, I’ve shaved my head. It’s just a small show of support for my mom. Lots of people seem to like it, so I might just keep the buzz cut. Andrea’s turning…  

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Find Me On Etsy!

26.08.08 2 Comments

I think I’ve found my little happy corner in the world - I’ve just set up [my Etsy shop]( to sell handmade greeting cards online. I AM SO EXCITED. In the past few weeks I have gone to stationery heaven and back, bringing home…  

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Starbucks Surprise Discount

14.04.08 No Comments

How to get RM1 off your Starbucks drink *everytime* without ever joining a loyalty programme.  

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Happy Valentine’s Day

18.02.08 1 Comment

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I always knew at the back of my mind that Han was very fond of a Parker Sonnet that was given to him by his mom, but he had lost it a long time ago. So when…  

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I Love Bobbi Brown!

20.10.07 No Comments

My latest fad. Ladies, if you’re looking for fuss-free makeup that’s quick to apply and gives you that natural glow, head for any of Bobbi Brown’s counters. I’ve fallen in love with her makeup, and her whole set of principles about…  

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Happy Birthday Han!

04.10.07 No Comments

Your wife is guilty for not doing anything special for you this year. I’m out of ideas as to how to say ‘thank you’ to the most capable, reliable, and loving person I’m blessed to share my life with. I guess…  

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System Memory Dump

29.01.06 2 Comments

Happy Chinese New Year guys. The weather’s turned…let the daily slow roasting begin. I’m gonna be rambling on for quite a bit with things I myself would like to remember.  

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