What Matters Most

06.09.15 No Comments

  Moments frozen in time. Nothing lasts forever.  

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A Day Out With Reuben

21.04.13 No Comments

Today Brandon and Andrea went off for a school trip to the Farm in the City, so we took this opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time with Reuben. We bundled him into the car and made our way to Mid Valley—a place…  

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Children’s Thoughts

12.12.12 No Comments

Han took the day off and we bundled the 3 older kiddies into the car to watch Rise of the Guardians at Paradigm Mall (it’s our very first visit to the place). Then in the evening, after dinner, Han suggested that we…  

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How To Check If 13-Day-Old Sean Is Hungry

30.09.12 No Comments

I did this with Reuben too. I carry Sean up to my eye-level and nuzzle his cheek. If he isn’t interested in feeding, he’ll most likely not react, or just make little snuffling sounds. If he’s hungry, he’ll instinctively turn his head towards my…  

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How To Immobilize Reuben (at 9 months)

21.03.11 No Comments

We’ve discovered that if you lie him down on a hard surface, he won’t roll over to crawl off.¬†Better still if there’s nothing under his head—in the photo above he has Andrea’s favourite Lion soft toy supporting his neck. In other developments,…  

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22.07.10 2 Comments

There have been so many instances lately where I found myself at a loss to know what to do/say/how to react. Brandon, clearly hearing what I tell him NOT to do, giving me one kind of look before deliberately disobeying. Andrea toppling over into…  

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Questioning Motivations

05.06.10 2 Comments

At the follow-up visit to his assigned paediatrician (let’s call him Dr A) at Pantai hospital last week, Reuben was found to have a high level of bilirubin in his blood at a reading of 301—i.e. he is considered to be very…  

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First Days In Confinement

31.05.10 2 Comments

I had my initial doubts about spending my confinement month at my in-laws’ (mainly because I thought I’d prefer the privacy of my own home), but it’s been turning out to be better than I could ever imagine. We have the front room…  

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Reuben’s Arrival

27.05.10 22 Comments

Our darling baby boy made his first appearance in the big big world at 6am today. At 3.1kg, he’s the biggest of the three at birth (Brandon was 2.7kg, while Andrea weighed in at 2.6kg). As I write this, the room is dimmed,…  

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