First Proper Sewing Project

08.08.13 No Comments

I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug! After buying my first sewing machine (it’s a Singer 329) and giving it a whirl, I find myself itching to make all kinds of clothing. So far I have successfully made Brandon and Reuben…  

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Find Me On Etsy!

26.08.08 2 Comments

I think I’ve found my little happy corner in the world - I’ve just set up [my Etsy shop]( to sell handmade greeting cards online. I AM SO EXCITED. In the past few weeks I have gone to stationery heaven and back, bringing home…  

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Excited, Thrilled and Motivated

11.08.08 1 Comment

I’ve recently decided to take up a little personal project that has kept me in the above-mentioned state almost constantly in the past week. More details later when I can put Andrea down for her nap (I’m carrying her in one…  

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Planning For Bali

16.09.05 4 Comments

Notes to self about possible places to stay: [Villa Semana]( It’s quite expensive, but a tempting-looking hideaway for the both of us. [Maya Ubud]( Another beautiful but expensive resort and spa. [Jepun Bali Resort]( Han found…  

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Chee Cheong Fun Explained

16.08.05 6 Comments

View from the rear: ![Bad hair 1][hair1] And a closer look: ![Bad hair 2][hair2] [hair1]: [hair2]: “Just when you think it can’t get any worse”  

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Chee Cheong Fun

12.07.05 3 Comments

The make-up artist who handled my hairdo in Penang created a monstrosity out of my locks, and did something weird with my face. I **hated** it. I wanted to cry when she was done. (Photographic evidence to follow soon.)  

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Our Wedding Photos Online

11.07.05 No Comments

[These photos]( will serve as a personal reminder as to just how happy everyone can be when you fill your hearts and every intention with love, not just for one other special person or yourself, but for all who surround you. Expect nothing…  

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Official Colour Photos Are Ready!

06.07.05 5 Comments

Ooooh, I’m bursting with anticipation—our wedding photographer, [James Katz]( sent a text to Han saying that the colour prints are ready for collection at his home in Subang Jaya. We’ll be meeting with him tonight.  

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Our Fairy-Tale Weekend

05.07.05 No Comments

On Thursday night last week, I could barely get my mind to stop organizing and planning and thinking and being excited to the point of not being able to sleep. I was back in my old bedroom at my parents’, spending the…  

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At Home For The Week

28.06.05 3 Comments

Taking Thursday and Friday off wasn’t going to be enough, given that my helpers don’t have the liberty or license to take leave and settle all the arrangements during working hours. Thank God for C in sorting out my leave applications so quickly… seemingly little things like these turn out to be huge blessings (well, in my eyes at least).  

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