07.01.07 6 Comments

We attended our first antenatal class yesterday afternoon at Pantai Medical Centre. No prizes for guessing what the topic was. The speaker was a wonderfully candid and down to earth staff midwife, Sister Elizabeth. She’s the one whom all of…  

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29.11.06 1 Comment

My mom came by my office about an hour ago to deliver a thermos full of home-cooked pork and oyster porridge with pumpkin. And muffins. And a bunch of grapes. Both baby and I are enjoying the food immensely. How not to, when…  

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Baby and Me At 5 Months Plus

25.11.06 2 Comments

While waiting for one of Han’s company’s clients to debate over the semantics for a presentation the day before an important launch event (while *at* the venue itself), I took some snaps: ![Me at 5 months pregnant](  

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It’s A Boy!

16.11.06 9 Comments

A healthy, camera-shy, restless one. The full ultrasound scan showed that we have a perfectly normal baby boy at this stage. But, as Dr Wong put it, ‘a bit on the scrawny side’ (I guess I should be eating even more from…  

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20 Weeks Pregnant

05.11.06 3 Comments

The scale’s weighing me in at 59kg! The last time I was this heavy was in my first term at uni—a result of stuffing my face with Tesco value chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, milk, cheese and pasta. After that it just…  

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Tip on Maternity Wear

31.10.06 3 Comments

Non-maternity, bias-cut dresses will still fit you quite nicely even while pregnant. I bought a couple of them as office wear from the Carven label in Isetan about a year ago and they’re still a part of my wardrobe now. They’re…  

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The Baby’s Kicking!

26.10.06 6 Comments

It happened last night, just as I was about to go to sleep. I put my hand on my tummy as usual, then whoa, two little kicks! Han felt them too, but kiddo either lost interest really quickly or realised that mummy…  

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Recovering and Cooking

12.10.06 5 Comments

Body’s slowly repairing itself after the weekend’s bout of food poisoning. Despite the lousy indigestion that strikes every afternoon after lunch, I still felt game for whipping up something new in the kitchen. My new online place of interest is now [BBC’s…  

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Quiet, Productive Weekend

01.10.06 4 Comments

I baked yesterday. A batch of chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal cookies, which turned out quite well. And since I don’t have an electric mixer, I learned there and then that the job of creaming butter and sugar can be undertaken just…  

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2nd Gynae

27.09.06 No Comments

Earlier this morning I glanced at my phone to check on the time, and it turns out that my mom sent me a text, saying that if I’m so firm on still seeing the current gynae, there wouldn’t be much point in…  

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