Please Let It Rain Soon

13.03.14 No Comments

The haze is really starting to wear down the children. Reuben seems to be running a temperature, and Brandon looks so lethargic and keeps commenting that he feels tired all day. My poor darlings. There hasn’t been proper rain for what feels like…  

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When Bad People Win

28.01.08 1 Comment

All of us have found ourselves bellyaching about people who do bad things and seem to get away scot-free. Lousy drivers, people who cut queues, murderers, crooked politicians—they’re everywhere, messing with practically everything. We lament about how we’d rather be in another…  

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Prayer Request

23.12.06 No Comments

I recently found out that a young couple from church has just been landed with heartbreaking news. The husband was recently diagnosed with fourth stage cancer, and the wife is now 6 months pregnant with their first child. Church friends who read this,…  

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This Guilty Feeling

22.05.06 No Comments

I was supposed to go for a funeral service yesterday. I didn’t—at 5 minutes to 2pm Han and I were still at Ikea, prioritizing our purchases for the apartment. A quick glance at my PDA to check the time, then a split-second…  

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Added: Prayer Category

24.04.06 4 Comments

![jar of m&ms]( “If only thoughts looked this cheerful and were so easily stored”) There’s a big blank space in my life which really should be occupied with spending time listening to what God has to say, and bringing to…  

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