Managing (Only Just)

13.09.08 3 Comments

The camel’s back broke today.  

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Family Time

31.08.08 1 Comment

Rapid fire update on what’s been going on: As you can see, I’ve shaved my head. It’s just a small show of support for my mom. Lots of people seem to like it, so I might just keep the buzz cut. Andrea’s turning…  

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In the Quieter Moments

16.07.08 No Comments

Both the babies are asleep, the confinement lady and Ratih are resting, and Han is away at work. It’s been raining all morning and the clouds have finally let the sun shine through. The air is crisp and clear, I can…  

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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat…

10.06.08 No Comments

The past few days have been quite hectic at work. We’re finally launching our new fund on the 17th, after months of delays and returned submissions to the Securities Commission. With the exception of the fund’s leaflet and our company’s master…  

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Brandon Turns One

08.04.08 No Comments

Happy birthday to our little hurricane. You’ve survived a year of your parents’ bungling (but well-intentioned) care. Seeing that you’ve weathered mummy’s many misplaced frustrations and bad cooking like a champ, I reckon that when the time comes, you’ll be fighting…  

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Workplace Update

25.03.08 1 Comment

#### Exit CEO and GM I cried at their farewell party in the office. It was embarrassing—but it really was heartfelt, because they were the two people in the company with whom I worked the closest with. We shared our ideas, critiques,…  

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Happy Valentine’s Day

18.02.08 1 Comment

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I always knew at the back of my mind that Han was very fond of a Parker Sonnet that was given to him by his mom, but he had lost it a long time ago. So when…  

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Play Weekend

04.02.08 No Comments

“I want to buy a Lego set.” “Can I please buy a Lego set?” “I already know which one I want.” So I finally pinned down this weekend as THE weekend to get Han his much-desired toy. It’s quite cute to see him this excited…  

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Family Snaps

24.01.08 1 Comment

We don’t often get a chance to have our photos taken as a family—either the camera was left at home or the person who took the shot didn’t send us a copy. So when an e-mail from [James Katz]( arrived the…  

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Ultrasound Scan of Baby 2

08.01.08 8 Comments

Baby 2 at 14 weeks and 3 days, now about 8cm long, estimated due date 11th July 2008. I thought I felt the tiniest fidget 2 nights ago… That was nice. Boy or girl?  

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