We Are Stardust

17.12.14 No Comments

Sunset while on a canoeing tour at Phang Nga Bay, Phuket.   Once in a while, you face a scene that reminds you of how very small you are in the grand scheme of things… and how mighty your Creator…  

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Design 101 Watercolour Flowers

27.12.13 No Comments

A collage of the few watercolour paintings and sketches I’ve done so far, for the Design 101 Arena ‘challenge’ - paint a watercolour flower in no more than 5 minutes. You can pretty much see which weren’t done within the 5-minute limit! It’s a…  

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Makeover For Children’s Room Door

28.02.12 No Comments

Simple door makeover using fabric and homemade cornstarch glue.  

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How To Immobilize Reuben (at 9 months)

21.03.11 No Comments

We’ve discovered that if you lie him down on a hard surface, he won’t roll over to crawl off. Better still if there’s nothing under his head—in the photo above he has Andrea’s favourite Lion soft toy supporting his neck. In other developments,…  

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First Days In Confinement

31.05.10 2 Comments

I had my initial doubts about spending my confinement month at my in-laws’ (mainly because I thought I’d prefer the privacy of my own home), but it’s been turning out to be better than I could ever imagine. We have the front room…  

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

16.03.10 4 Comments

We took the kids out to Sentul Park on Sunday morning. The air was cool, thanks to the rain the night before and clouds that were obscuring the sun. Our agenda: blow bubbles. And with the crumbs we gathered from the kids’ heong…  

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All 3 Handmade Leather Journals Arrived Today!

12.02.10 14 Comments

I was lumbering after the kids, clutching Andrea’s hand to make sure she didn’t trip on her oversized towel, fumbling with the apartment keys when Brandon called from up ahead, “Look! Look! Mummy, what’s that?” He was pointing at something on the…  

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This Is Where The Magic Happens

24.11.09 1 Comment

It is by no means glamorous, but my home workstation is where I do all our home administrative work, business dealings for Kinder Soaps, and at times, a spot to entertain the kids for a…  

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Andrea’s Nest

30.10.09 No Comments

Andrea’s quite independent when it comes to taking her naps, or going to bed at night. She gets her pacifier, and will very readily just lie down in bed and play…  

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So Much Has Changed

08.12.08 1 Comment

Gosh it’s been about 2 months since I did a proper blog post. Sorry about it being so quiet here, and thanks for so faithfully checking up on us through Salameander. We have been having a marvelous time. I personally feel undeservedly…  

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