When A New Hire Vaporizes Ingredients Worth Hundreds of Ringgit…

22.05.17 No Comments

…how should one react? (Note: writing this piece is part of my “recovery” process.┬áIt’s more cathartic, rather than an exploration of best practices.) Years back I would have just lost my cool immediately, and allow my dissatisfaction to show, even if my words were…  

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Don’t Be Lazy

18.04.15 No Comments

Plenty has been happening on the work front. Ever since we began production again in the studio after it was renovated, I have been receiving a steady stream of custom orders. Some are larger than others, some still in the testing stage. Then…  

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25 Things I Do To Instantly Feel Happier

02.07.09 No Comments

Have you ever thought of the specific things you can do to instantly change your state and get yourself out of an emotional or mental rut? Forget the cigarettes, food binging, caffeine and drugs—there are other options out there that won’t leave you empty and still in want in the end. So what do You do to lift your spirits?  

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