Brandon and Coufu’s Music

15.09.08 No Comments

Brandon happily sways to Lionel’s music selection.  

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Brandon Dancing

06.05.08 No Comments

Brandon seems to like music! He even shows a preference for certain kinds of styles—so far he does his little jig mostly to R&B (e.g. [Usher’s “Yeah”]( and jazz (one or two numbers from…  

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Music That Makes Me Cry

26.05.07 No Comments

There’s nothing quite so stirring as to listen to a group of human voices lovingly cradling melodies with respect and passion. Listen to this track in [Grace’s blogpost]( called Panunumpa sung by the Philippine Madrigal Singers. I miss being part of a good…  

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God Help The Outcasts

13.09.06 No Comments

> I don’t know if You can hear me Or if You’re even there, I don’t know if You would listen To a humble prayer, They tell me I am just an outcast …  

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Hands-On Percussion

03.06.05 No Comments

I was so impressed when I watched [this guy]( do his thing. Wonder whether he could still feel his fingers by the end of the exercise!  

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The Sound Of Yearning

21.04.05 1 Comment

![m][m] Midway through the video recording, Saidah asked Khir to come forward to ‘do his thing’ to embellish the song we were singing. He looked slightly bashful as he shuffled towards the other soloists standing around the microphone. We, the chorus, finally quietened…  

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M! The Opera Rehearsal Schedule

18.04.05 1 Comment

I look at it with trepidation—come November, we’ll be rehearsing 4 evenings a week, plus 10am-5pm sessions on Saturdays. I’ll have no other life! But I thank God that we’re having a break from now till August when workshops resume, cuz…  

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Prana & Friends Charity Concert

18.02.05 2 Comments

February 12th was my mom’s birthday. I felt really bad about not making it to dinner with my family that night, but I had already promised to sing at this [concert]( which was in aid of the tsunami victims, specifically in Acheh.  

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Daniel Bedingfield

16.02.05 No Comments

Almost everytime I hop in the car to drive on my own, I pop in his [album][album] and settle in for a hearty round of singing on the way to wherever I’m headed. My favourite track is ‘Girlfriend’, followed by the more…  

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In Tonight’s Music Lounge…

18.01.05 1 Comment

I’m listening to the soundtrack from the movie [K-PAX]( “Synopsis and review of K-Pax”). I watched the movie on one of the rare outings to the cinema which I made while at [uni]( “The University of Warwick”).  

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