Episode 3

21.08.05 2 Comments

From the [Editing Room](http://ter.air0day.com/), [The Abridged Script](http://ter.air0day.com/print.php?script=revengeofthesith): > __Ewan McGregor__, Oh no, the hangar has shields up! __Hayden__ shoots something next to the shield and they deactivate. __Ewan McGregor__, The thing that powers the shield is on the outside of the…  

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Dialogue-less Star Wars

26.05.05 6 Comments

In my opinion, the characters in [this clip][this clip] are far more expressive than the actors in Episodes I and II (I haven’t watched Episode III yet)…perhaps with the exception of Yoda and the droids, but then again, they’re animated in this…  

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Growing Ever Fonder Of Prot

05.02.05 No Comments

I watched [K-PAX](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0272152/) for the 3rd time, on this occasion with my in-laws. There’s this certain magic about the movie which has captured my heart. Those of you who know me fairly well would be aware that I’m not really a movie person, so it’s quite a big deal to me when there’s a flick out there that sticks in my head for such a long time.  

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Eventful Sunday

30.01.05 No Comments

I woke up this morning to find my poor husband nearly incapacitated due to his bad back. I kept my decision to attend the 1st service at church, but a phone call to Quek had me packing my capoeira gear to scoot…  

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In Tonight’s Music Lounge…

18.01.05 1 Comment

I’m listening to the soundtrack from the movie [K-PAX](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0272152/ “Synopsis and review of K-Pax”). I watched the movie on one of the rare outings to the cinema which I made while at [uni](http://www.warwick.ac.uk/ “The University of Warwick”).  

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