Talking Bodies

22.01.08 No Comments

(Note: I wrote this while still in the thick of rehearsing for M! The Opera—almost 2 years ago, I think. I read this nearly-forgotten draft and am amazed at how different I was back then. So observant and articulate. I feel stupid…  

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Cheezels for Old Times’ Sake

07.04.06 4 Comments

![some cast members]( “George, Lou Shin, me, Saidah, Zamzuriah and Vivek”) Junk food isn’t really my thing, but the sight of that bag of Cheezels sitting on my desk over the past few days has helped me deal with post-production…  

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Additional Show For M! The Opera

27.03.06 No Comments

There will be an additional performance tomorrow night at 8:30pm (Tuesday the 28th of March) for M! The Opera. Tickets are priced at RM120, RM80, RM60 and RM30. For details on the synopsis and how to purchase tickets, please visit…  

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Curtailing Ill Feelings

21.03.06 6 Comments

![blue sidelights on Istana Budaya stage wings]( I can’t hang around people who rant and whine too much for anyone’s good. Trying to calm them these people down doesn’t seem to work…maybe it’s because they rant for the sake of…  

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I’m in the Papers!

01.03.06 2 Comments

![Janet, Zedek and me]( That’s me with Zedek and Janet at Bakerzin, Bangsar Village. Photo taken by [the Star’s]( photographer. WHEEE! For the first time ever, a [proper interview]( Not a solo one lah, but it’s no less…  

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Tickets for M! The Opera

27.02.06 4 Comments

Finally—they’re out! Links aplenty for you to get relevant information: * [Show dates and ticketing]( * [Seating layout in Istana Budaya]( * [What M! The Opera is all about]( 20% off purchases made before…  

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Everyday Heroes

22.02.06 No Comments

Read [Janet’s]( [account]( of being a snatch thief victim and how the ‘M! Team’ was formed. How can you not feel an even stronger bond with such people after an experience like that? Go M!  

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29.01.06 3 Comments

Showing off my red dress taken at the M! The Opera ensemble photo shoot by S C Shegar.  

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System Memory Dump

29.01.06 2 Comments

Happy Chinese New Year guys. The weather’s turned…let the daily slow roasting begin. I’m gonna be rambling on for quite a bit with things I myself would like to remember.  

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Night Out with the M! People

24.12.05 2 Comments

Partying with the M! cast. Not for the faint-hearted.  

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