A Week of Refreshing Conversations

20.06.15 No Comments

Colour test for my new Winsor & Newton Cotman 45 Half Pan Studio Set. I’m well pleased. It’s not often that I have the chance to indulge in proper grown-up conversations in a usual week, even more rarely the…  

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07.02.11 No Comments

We just received amazing news over the weekend. I don’t want to divulge details, but what I do want to share with you is how grateful to god I am for knowing exactly what we need and meeting it (from my perspective,…  

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Gardening Experiment

26.01.11 2 Comments

I’m no gardener. As a matter of fact, every single plant that has been given to us has suffered premature expiration, no matter how much attention I give it. But as the kids grow older and I find myself thinking that I Need…  

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The 10-Minute Blog Post

11.08.10 2 Comments

Because I simply don’t have the luxury of spending time to edit my thoughts. So here I am laid bare. It’s 12:28am and my eyelids are drooping. I wonder how our Muslim friends can fast daily for a month. Guess it’s something they’ve…  

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Wishing I Could Offer You More Of…

30.10.09 1 Comment

…posts that I used to write, like this one that’s full of pictures that tell interesting stories. Back when I had time aplenty to take nice photos, edit them, take the time to write properly and enjoy the finished product. I will, I…  

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Maid Rant #1

01.05.08 2 Comments

She turns phrases into songs. That’s not a bad thing per se, but I just don’t like the content. “Sudah berak, sudah berak…” (“You have pooed, you have pooed…”) “Kencing banyak, kencing banyak…” (“Lots of pee, lots of pee…”) WTF??? Aren’t there any nice…  

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Starbucks Surprise Discount

14.04.08 No Comments

How to get RM1 off your Starbucks drink *everytime* without ever joining a loyalty programme.  

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Daddy Cool

30.01.08 1 Comment

There are lots of blogs out there kept by moms who chronicle their lives as mothers (and cooks, cleaners, chauffeurs, police, ministers of home affairs etc). I read [Karen’s](http:www.karencheng.com.au) regularly and thoroughly enjoy her regaling us with her tales of her two…  

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21.01.08 1 Comment

That’s what I felt like this morning. The sunshine has been glorious and the air pleasantly crisp and cool, all the way from the apartment to emerging from the subway across the road from my office. No more blocked nose or fever….  

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8 Little Known Facts About Michelle

25.07.07 2 Comments

I got tagged by [Kotak](http://kotakkosong.blogspot.com/). 1. Each player must post these rules first. 2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 4. At the…  

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