Our Kids Don’t Watch Too Many Movies

22.05.11 1 Comment

One day, about 1-2 months back, while playing with Auntie Janet, Brandon and Andrea are hanging on to light baby blankets. Auntie Janet: Come here Brandon, let me tie this around your neck. Brandon: OK. Auntie Janet: Then you can be BATMAN! Brandon: No, I want…  

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Make-Believe Plus Reality

16.03.11 No Comments

We celebrated Brandon’s fourth birthday last night. It was loud, slightly chaotic, and a lot of fun amongst family members. All three kids were so well-mannered and well-behaved all day, especially Brandon who reigned in his excitement to open his birthday presents…  

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Line of the Day

11.01.11 1 Comment

Brunch at The Bee, Jaya One, on Saturday. (Brandon sees the waitress plonking a bowl of brown sugar on our table.) Brandon: Mummy, can I eat the sugar please? Me: No Brandon, you can’t. Brandon: But why? Me: Because you’ll be bouncing off the walls. You can’t…  

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Struggling To Name Baby #3

22.05.10 4 Comments

I’m putting it down to these reasons: we parents are slacking off the novelty of having (yet) another Ngeowling has faded Every other evening, Han and I will start a name suggesting session. It’s all verbal, done over dinner, while in the car on the…  

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How Brandon Plays at the Dinner Table

19.05.09 No Comments

Short video clip of one of the many ways Brandon has made us laugh with his child’s play.  

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Brandon Says…

22.05.08 2 Comments

One night while I was driving home from Han’s parents’ place and Brandon was clambering all over Han as usual, I rounded a corner and asked Brandon something. His reply was, “mamabitch.”  

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Why Aren’t You At Work Today?

23.02.08 No Comments

The Bricklayer’s Song by The Corries. It’s quick to load, and I’m sure it’ll get at least a chuckle out of you.  

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Word Power

03.01.08 No Comments

The choice of words for public signage is always so important. Here are just 2 examples of signs which we thought could have been worded a LOT better. Han pointed this one out. As a programmer, I suppose there are plenty of negative…  

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For Side-Splitting Laughter…

07.11.07 No Comments

…point your browser to this [link](http://www.bestofthemisc.com/photoshops/madness-this-is-photochoooooopz-hilarious-300-photoshops/) to see photochopped sequences using (mostly) the face of King Leonidas, from the movie [300](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0416449/). Bring out a hanky.  

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Seen in a Car Park

23.10.07 1 Comment

A security notice in the Eastin Hotel carpark reads: “Please Take Everything.”  

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