Finding Balance

21.07.09 1 Comment

Ever since the kids arrived in our lives I have had a lot taken out of me. I’ve visited extreme ends of emotional, spiritual and physical scales, not unusually within 12 hours of each polar opposite. I’m the skinniest I’ve ever been,…  

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So Much Has Changed

08.12.08 1 Comment

Gosh it’s been about 2 months since I did a proper blog post. Sorry about it being so quiet here, and thanks for so faithfully checking up on us through Salameander. We have been having a marvelous time. I personally feel undeservedly…  

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Recent Happenings

30.07.08 3 Comments

Firstly, congratulations to [Min Yen]( who came back to KL to ‘officially’ tie the knot with her beau, Eugene. Min Yen: for the record, Han and I were rather amused when the priest pronounced you “Dr and _Mrs_ Eugene Teh”. …  

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16.11.07 No Comments

Sometimes the unexpected leaves you with a little swell in your throat and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Received this from [James Katz](, our wedding photographer, who used this photo as a dedication to Brandon.  

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Happy Birthday Han!

04.10.07 No Comments

Your wife is guilty for not doing anything special for you this year. I’m out of ideas as to how to say ‘thank you’ to the most capable, reliable, and loving person I’m blessed to share my life with. I guess…  

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While Waiting For My Hair To Dry…

22.06.07 3 Comments

I’m now a full time mom, working part time in a 9 to 5 job—*that* much is apparent now that I’ve been back at the office for just over a month. The word ‘challenging’ is getting tired as part of my vocabulary.  

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Homeward Bound

18.03.07 No Comments

Sorry, no pics with this update. Just want to let everyone know that Brandon’s out of ICU and is rooming in with his mum now. He’s happily breastfeeding and enjoying a round of [sunbathing in the UV]( Mother and child are scheduled…  

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The Baby’s Kicking!

26.10.06 6 Comments

It happened last night, just as I was about to go to sleep. I put my hand on my tummy as usual, then whoa, two little kicks! Han felt them too, but kiddo either lost interest really quickly or realised that mummy…  

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Of Normalcy and Family

24.09.06 2 Comments

We went to a Bantus public roda tonight! For the first time in months too…I had so much fun. Stubbed my left big toe till it bled while playing (I think the nail’s parted with the toe) but it’s alright so far….  

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This Guilty Feeling

22.05.06 No Comments

I was supposed to go for a funeral service yesterday. I didn’t—at 5 minutes to 2pm Han and I were still at Ikea, prioritizing our purchases for the apartment. A quick glance at my PDA to check the time, then a split-second…  

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