Out and About on Hari Raya Eve

17.07.15 No Comments

Han’s mom and her older sister took all the kids out for lunch today, so we took the train into the city to have Chettinad banana leaf rice. I felt like a tourist. My little clutch bumping on my waist while we walked…  

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Cheating My Way To An Edible Garden

13.07.14 No Comments

I love gardens, but ironically I don’t seem to have the green fingers to contribute to growing things well. So after many sad, barren pots of soil later, I tried a different way of planting herbs—I bought bundles of them from the supermarket vegetable shelves, and put them in the soil back home. The results have been promising!  

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Stops and Starts

26.01.10 3 Comments

I handled yesterday very poorly—literally crying over spilt milk, ruining dinner by messing up the pastry crust for the leek and bacon pie I planned to make, and flying into a rage the moment one of the kids…  

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Family Time

31.08.08 1 Comment

Rapid fire update on what’s been going on: As you can see, I’ve shaved my head. It’s just a small show of support for my mom. Lots of people seem to like it, so I might just keep the buzz cut. Andrea’s turning…  

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Starbucks Surprise Discount

14.04.08 No Comments

How to get RM1 off your Starbucks drink *everytime* without ever joining a loyalty programme.  

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Holiday Cooking

01.01.08 No Comments

Staying at home has been fun. I try to cook dinners more often since I have more time to prepare for them. In the past couple of weeks we have had: * Shepherd’s pie * Bobotie * Creamy mushroom soup * Spaghettini with creamy chicken and…  

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15.11.07 1 Comment

Dad, Lionel and I just had a magnificent lunch at Lafite, Shangri-La hotel. At RM68, the set lunch is an amazing bargain, considering the haute cuisine you get to sample. The most perfectly cooked cod (Lionel’s dish. It was so delicate!)….  

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Recovering and Cooking

12.10.06 5 Comments

Body’s slowly repairing itself after the weekend’s bout of food poisoning. Despite the lousy indigestion that strikes every afternoon after lunch, I still felt game for whipping up something new in the kitchen. My new online place of interest is now [BBC’s…  

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It Got Off To A Bad Start

07.10.06 3 Comments

I stayed up on Thursday night to complete a piece of work for the office, hoping that I could help get things moving along for that portion of the fund launch by availing it to the other manager for his approval. By…  

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Quiet, Productive Weekend

01.10.06 4 Comments

I baked yesterday. A batch of chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal cookies, which turned out quite well. And since I don’t have an electric mixer, I learned there and then that the job of creaming butter and sugar can be undertaken just…  

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