Could Every Day Be Like This?

25.02.11 No Comments

Here’s what we did (on a whim) on a Wednesday. This is Kiara Park in Taman Tun on a gloriously sunny morning. We played near the stream for a bit and made friends with a malay grandfather and his grandson, along with a…  

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Valentine’s Day 2011

14.02.11 No Comments

What Valentine’s Day was like for us this year, and what my take on love is in its current incarnation.  

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Musings on Activities With Kids

24.09.10 No Comments

These days Brandon usually quips that he’d rather not go to playschool. Which gets me thinking, what if one day I really need to pull them out of school? How would I keep them occupied? Doing things with the kids at this age (Brandon…  

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Keeping Promises

06.09.10 No Comments

It’s the school Raya break this week. So this morning I asked the kids if they’d like to go for an outing—specifically, on a train. We were all so excited about it! So we did. We went to KLCC, reciting the names of…  

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Thinking Aloud - Do My Children Misbehave Because Of Me?

17.08.10 No Comments

These past couple of days have seen some very embarrassing displays of bad behaviour from the kids—and me. Trying to get them to behave well makes me feel like a pot calling the kettle black… It’s awful. Let me set the stage first…  

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22.07.10 2 Comments

There have been so many instances lately where I found myself at a loss to know what to do/say/how to react. Brandon, clearly hearing what I tell him NOT to do, giving me one kind of look before deliberately disobeying. Andrea toppling over into…  

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Struggling To Name Baby #3

22.05.10 4 Comments

I’m putting it down to these reasons: we parents are slacking off the novelty of having (yet) another Ngeowling has faded Every other evening, Han and I will start a name suggesting session. It’s all verbal, done over dinner, while in the car on the…  

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In The Quieter Moments

02.05.10 2 Comments

Technically I get these breathing spaces every day where the kids are asleep and I have the chance to quieten down and listen to my thoughts. To come back to being me, I suppose. But the reality is quite the opposite. Mommyhood demands…  

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

16.03.10 4 Comments

We took the kids out to Sentul Park on Sunday morning. The air was cool, thanks to the rain the night before and clouds that were obscuring the sun. Our agenda: blow bubbles. And with the crumbs we gathered from the kids’ heong…  

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Stops and Starts

26.01.10 3 Comments

I handled yesterday very poorly—literally crying over spilt milk, ruining dinner by messing up the pastry crust for the leek and bacon pie I planned to make, and flying into a rage the moment one of the kids…  

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