Day 3 of CNY, We Went On A Date

21.02.15 No Comments

It’s very rare that Han feels compelled to go shopping. So when he does, it makes for a fun outing. This time we left the kids at home because Andrea was down with a fever, and Sean was also coughing. We headed…  

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Dengue Fever

09.03.14 No Comments

Well, it was bound to happen at some point or other.  A rite of passage while living in Malaysia I suppose. The fever started in earnest on Tuesday and wiped me out for almost 2 days. I didn’t eat. But thanks to…  

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I Thought I Was A Sprinter

10.04.13 2 Comments

I have always loved competing and playing in sports. Throughout my school years I was always in a race, or a game, and I regaled in the adrenalin rush that came from playing with my team mates in basketball, netball, or running…  

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Tidying, Decluttering

29.12.12 2 Comments

Our home is slowly taking shape as we tackle our belongings, one box at a time, deciding what to keep, donate or trash. It’s been a wonderfully enjoyable exercise thus far!  

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Children’s Thoughts

12.12.12 No Comments

Han took the day off and we bundled the 3 older kiddies into the car to watch Rise of the Guardians at Paradigm Mall (it’s our very first visit to the place). Then in the evening, after dinner, Han suggested that we…  

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Confinement Month, Day 10

29.09.12 No Comments

We’ve found our rhythm.  

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Two More Weeks

04.09.12 No Comments

I have this nagging, guilty feeling that my kids are being neglected now that baby #4 is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks’ time. I can’t sit, stand, lie down or do anything for long stretches of time, much less…  

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Word Play

19.07.12 No Comments

This afternoon I was playing with the kids, and we were taking turns filling up a little paper ‘treasure box’ with little toys to give to one another. They were delighted with the activity—we kept going at it for quite a few…  

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When You Feel Guilty…

20.05.12 No Comments

Guilt isn’t something that will necessarily paralyse you from being a better person. All it is, is a signal to yourself that you are aware that something isn’t quite right. And guess what - you have all the power to do something to fix it. I can’t…  

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Fragmented Mind

04.08.11 No Comments

This afternoon, as I am working on a lengthy response to an email enquiry, these are what I am dealing with at the same time: numerous requests from Brandon to let him watch cartoons, but they were denied to him because he didn’t…  

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