Helping Brandon To Be Helpful

17.06.13 No Comments

Just some thoughts. I find myself pouncing on poor Brandon so often these days, mostly because he’s off doing something he didn’t ask for permission to do, ‘helpful’ which he didn’t verify with any adults if it was necessary, mindlessly, e.g. sweeping up dirt with his…  

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I Thought I Was A Sprinter

10.04.13 2 Comments

I have always loved competing and playing in sports. Throughout my school years I was always in a race, or a game, and I regaled in the adrenalin rush that came from playing with my team mates in basketball, netball, or running…  

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Christmas Conundrum

25.12.12 2 Comments

We’ve had a lovely 2 days, surrounded with family around tables piled with hearty food, laughter, good news and good conversation, with the kids receiving thoughtful gifts and ripping them open on Christmas morning before breakfast. We’ve enjoyed cool, cloudy weather all…  

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Confinement Month, Day 10

29.09.12 No Comments

We’ve found our rhythm.  

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When I Grow Old

25.05.12 No Comments

My maternal grandfather passed away last weekend - Saturday, 19th of May. I was at the Malaysian Games and Comics Convention having a merry time at the Kinder Soaps booth, meeting all these new people, entertaining customers etc. When I received the…  

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When You Feel Guilty…

20.05.12 No Comments

Guilt isn’t something that will necessarily paralyse you from being a better person. All it is, is a signal to yourself that you are aware that something isn’t quite right. And guess what - you have all the power to do something to fix it. I can’t…  

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Still Reeling

28.03.12 No Comments

I can’t recall the last time I felt so… Enraged. Used. Stupid. Here’s what transpired this morning. After I dropped the kids off at their respective schools, I headed over to the kopitiam near my office—upbeat about having a nice quick breakfast and beginning…  

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Get Moving, Michelle…

31.08.11 1 Comment

There are times when one finds his mind disconcertingly blank in the midst of a frenzied daily routine. I feel like that now. I’m tired. Used up. And like the literal deer staring at oncoming headlights, I know I’m going to get run over…  

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When The World Stops Turning

30.03.11 No Comments

I cannot begin to imagine the anguish, both physical and emotional, that Japan’s people is holding in its heart as news of its nuclear disaster worsens with each passing day. It makes it seem a bit unfair that I can go about my…  

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Valentine’s Day 2011

14.02.11 No Comments

What Valentine’s Day was like for us this year, and what my take on love is in its current incarnation.  

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