Patience in Training

01.09.15 No Comments

There’s not much going on in this video, just Sean untying the knots on a pretty bouquet of flowers. But I would like to think that this is a way for him to learn about patience. To continue working on a task,…  

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Building Confidence

01.09.15 No Comments

“Don’t worry, I am here—you’re not gonna fall.” Sometimes all it takes is a few quietly spoken words from someone you trust, to give you the courage to push past your perceived limitations. This life lesson really hit home after I was done practising…  

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58 Years of Independence

31.08.15 No Comments

…but not necessarily progress. With Bersih 4 successfully run over the weekend, now comes the long, arduous task of consistently aligning our day to day actions and choices to lead us towards a government that we desire. I hope that Malaysians and everyone…  

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What Makes A ‘Pretty’ Drawing?

05.06.15 No Comments

This casual, but deliberate drawing got me thinking about what makes for a pretty picture.  

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I Am Not Nice To My Kids

15.01.15 No Comments

Why I think it is critical to not be my child’s “best friend”.  

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Travel Fears

02.11.14 No Comments

I fear long distance traveling. Driving up to Penang included. But this coming month we’ll be doing a LOT of jetting about by plane, which is even more terrifying for me. What I fear for the most, however, is the kids’ safety as…  

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“You Have A Beautiful Smile.”

25.10.14 No Comments

“You have a beautiful smile,” said Uncle John, whom I had just met the day before when we all first opened up our booths at the KL Eco Film Fest 2014 at Publika, just this past weekend. He was selling potted plants…  

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The Nice Thing About Barriers…

29.05.14 No Comments

…is that you get a fantastic view of your surroundings while working hard at scaling said barriers. Context is invaluable, after all.  

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A Down Day

26.02.14 No Comments

Discovered some nice things by slowing down my pace.  

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Day 10: My World In 2 Dimensions

06.11.13 No Comments

Our homework today is to do a 2D representation of our world, using paper.  

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