…What Have I Done?

13.03.06 9 Comments

Recall that I once went mad with Wu Han and [him spending so much time on console games](http://www.salameander.com/2006/02/19/computer-games-vs-the-wife/). Well, guess what—I gave in to his persistent pestering to buy this: ![PS2](http://www.salameander.com/uploads/ps2.jpg) … He’s really happy about it,…  

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Robot Camera On Wheels

10.05.05 No Comments

Han showed me [this][link]: the Sony Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1. It’s a nifty little camera on wheels that’s controlled by a bluetooth-enabled handset. Check out the video—it tries to create an air of wonderment about the thing.  

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1Gb iPod Shuffle

16.03.05 1 Comment

After much coaxing, my financial controller relented and let me get a 1Gb [iPod Shuffle](http://www.salameander.com/2005/01/12/ipod-shuffle/) at Singapore for SGD 270. This worked out to be about MYR 100 less than the RRP here in Malaysia. I would have gotten it for about…  

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iPod Shuffle

12.01.05 2 Comments

Apple has announced the [iPod Shuffle](http://www.apple.com/ipodshuffle/), a very slick piece of plastic which functions as a flash-memory based MP3 player. It’s priced attractively too, probably about MYR$400 for the 512mb model when it reaches our Malaysian shores.  

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