Design 101 Watercolour Flowers

27.12.13 No Comments

A collage of the few watercolour paintings and sketches I’ve done so far, for the Design 101 Arena ‘challenge’ - paint a watercolour flower in no more than 5 minutes. You can pretty much see which weren’t done within the 5-minute limit! It’s a…  

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26.12.13 No Comments

And it isn’t perfect, of course…   When I called up the camera shop to ask if my photos were ready, the man said, “You only got 5 photos lah, the rest all cannot.” Oh well. Wasted film is part of the learning…  

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Day 54 DIY Pinhole Camera

22.12.13 3 Comments

My first stab at making a pinhole camera, complete with (rather fiddly) film loading ability!  

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Day 42 Seedlings

13.12.13 No Comments

Okay, so these didn’t sprout until 7 days after planting, but we’re just as happy to see them all the same! Brandon planted the echinacea, Reuben’s is the catnip and mine are the chives. Andrea’s Hollyhock Double Rose will need another 1-2…  

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Day 46 Objects on Exhibit

12.12.13 No Comments

I’m calling this, “Don’t Wake The Baby”. We use a pair of walkie talkies as a baby monitor every night. And every night I hope that I don’t hear ANY noise coming from my receiver!    

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Day 45 Collecting and Collection

11.12.13 No Comments

  I reused a biscuit tin for my time capsule, and sealed all its contents in a plastic zip lock bag which I have handy in the kitchen. To ensure that the ‘map’ doesn’t get lost in time, I set a Google Calendar event…  

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Day 12: Make A Shirt For Yourself.

08.11.13 No Comments

Do all you can with everything you’ve got. I worked only with materials that I had on hand - that was the “design brief” I set for myself when preparing for this assignment. Here’s what I started off with. The tank top was my…  

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Day 10: My World In 2 Dimensions

06.11.13 No Comments

Our homework today is to do a 2D representation of our world, using paper.  

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