My First Mortal!

20.02.05 1 Comment

It all happened on Saturday afternoon, when I went for a long-overdue music class at Kiara Park. After much cajoling and reassuring that, 1. I was in safe hands, 2. I wouldn’t lose my pants by accident in the process. Rafael and Quek expertly assisted…  

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16.02.05 2 Comments

I know that most people have a stronger side to their bodies, but it has taken me quite a while to finally concede that this applies to myself as well. Last night I was trying out a new move at class, the…  

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Pickle Your Feet

05.02.05 1 Comment

It relieves blisters. I tell you, it really works. Rafael told me to try soaking them in a tub of hot salt water one night after class, when the soles of my feet had taken a particularly hard battering and were sore…  

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Eventful Sunday

30.01.05 No Comments

I woke up this morning to find my poor husband nearly incapacitated due to his bad back. I kept my decision to attend the 1st service at church, but a phone call to Quek had me packing my capoeira gear to scoot…  

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Driving up to Penang

12.01.05 1 Comment

Michelle and I will be in Penang for the upcoming weekend. We plan to drive up either on Friday or Saturday afternoon. Michelle’s taken a half-day and I’ve taken the day off from work on Friday to get rested for the trip….  

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