Building Confidence

01.09.15 No Comments

“Don’t worry, I am here—you’re not gonna fall.” Sometimes all it takes is a few quietly spoken words from someone you trust, to give you the courage to push past your perceived limitations. This life lesson really hit home after I was done practising…  

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It Got Off To A Bad Start

07.10.06 3 Comments

I stayed up on Thursday night to complete a piece of work for the office, hoping that I could help get things moving along for that portion of the fund launch by availing it to the other manager for his approval. By…  

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Of Normalcy and Family

24.09.06 2 Comments

We went to a Bantus public roda tonight! For the first time in months too…I had so much fun. Stubbed my left big toe till it bled while playing (I think the nail’s parted with the toe) but it’s alright so far….  

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The Good Kind of Aches

30.05.06 1 Comment

Last night we trained like hamsters on steroids, then sat down for a meeting with the rest of the [Bantus]( partners and Rafael till midnight. Lots of updates, lots of plans, lots of news—all of which were good. After that, since Han…  

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Commercial Shoot

17.11.05 7 Comments

Man, we never would have guessed that being a part of Bantus would land us in an advertisement!  

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Bantus Capoeira Festival 2005 Photos

19.09.05 No Comments

![mestre]( “Han with Mestre Pintor”) [Click here]( to get to my [Flickr]( page with some photos from the event. I may upload more over the next few days. Still riding on the delicious post-batizado high.  

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Bantus Capoeira Festival 2005

13.09.05 1 Comment

To say that the weekend was a whirlwind of activity would be an understatement! [Bantus Capoeira Malaysia]( held its 2nd annual festival and batizado for its students, and the two of us were in the thick of it as we were a…  

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An Observer’s Take On Bantus

21.06.05 1 Comment

A nice fellow by the name of Kenneth has been popping by at rodas and some of our events in these past couple of weeks, and has [summed up]( what he has unearthed and felt about the group’s dynamics from his experience…  

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Writing Drought

09.05.05 2 Comments

Sheesh, I’ve been so caught up with all sorts of things that I haven’t been posting regularly at all in the past few weeks. Apologies and many thanks to all who have been faithfully returning to this blog regardless. Lots of stuff done recently:  

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Hard Training Is Addictive

29.04.05 No Comments

Last night I went for my first proper training session in weeks/months—I was in poor shape. Midway through the kicking drills I was seeing stars and feeling wobbly on my feet, finding it hard to breathe at times. Quek was patient with…  

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