In The Quieter Moments

02.05.10 2 Comments

Technically I get these breathing spaces every day where the kids are asleep and I have the chance to quieten down and listen to my thoughts. To come back to being me, I suppose. But the reality is quite the opposite. Mommyhood demands…  

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

16.03.10 4 Comments

We took the kids out to Sentul Park on Sunday morning. The air was cool, thanks to the rain the night before and clouds that were obscuring the sun. Our agenda: blow bubbles. And with the crumbs we gathered from the kids’ heong…  

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Childhood Wonderment

11.02.10 2 Comments

“Moon!” exclaims Andrea from the backseat of our car. “Yeees, moon,” concurs Brandon. It’s in the middle of the afternoon. While I’m keeping my eyes on the road I know they DO see the moon, they’ve pointed it out to me in broad daylight…  

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How To Cheer Up A Cancer Patient

18.10.09 No Comments

My mom’s in Singapore GH, recuperating from a surgery called pleuraldysis (spelling?) done on her lungs in an attempt to stop fluid from accumulating between the lungs and its pleural lining. Dad’s with her there to give her physical and emotional support—but…  

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Children Think “Why Not?”, Not “Cannot”

03.09.09 1 Comment

If you have the chance to, here’s what you should try doing the next time you are in the company of little children: hang back, and just observe them playing. Don’t interfere. Don’t hush or tut. Instead, allow them to poke, prod,…  

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Post-Penang Recovery Phase

24.08.09 No Comments

Before August arrived, I was viewing the month with the same kind of wariness that one has while teetering at the edge of a cliff, looking down at the ravine below that you know won’t have anything to break your fall once…  

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How Brandon Plays at the Dinner Table

19.05.09 No Comments

Short video clip of one of the many ways Brandon has made us laugh with his child’s play.  

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Brandon and Coufu’s Music

15.09.08 No Comments

Brandon happily sways to Lionel’s music selection.  

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Managing (Only Just)

13.09.08 3 Comments

The camel’s back broke today.  

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Family Time

31.08.08 1 Comment

Rapid fire update on what’s been going on: As you can see, I’ve shaved my head. It’s just a small show of support for my mom. Lots of people seem to like it, so I might just keep the buzz cut. Andrea’s turning…  

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