What Matters Most

06.09.15 No Comments

  Moments frozen in time. Nothing lasts forever.  

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Helping Brandon To Be Helpful

17.06.13 No Comments

Just some thoughts. I find myself pouncing on poor Brandon so often these days, mostly because he’s off doing something he didn’t ask for permission to do, ‘helpful’ which he didn’t verify with any adults if it was necessary, mindlessly, e.g. sweeping up dirt with his…  

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Children’s Thoughts

12.12.12 No Comments

Han took the day off and we bundled the 3 older kiddies into the car to watch Rise of the Guardians at Paradigm Mall (it’s our very first visit to the place). Then in the evening, after dinner, Han suggested that we…  

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Word Play

19.07.12 No Comments

This afternoon I was playing with the kids, and we were taking turns filling up a little paper ‘treasure box’ with little toys to give to one another. They were delighted with the activity—we kept going at it for quite a few…  

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Our Kids Don’t Watch Too Many Movies

22.05.11 1 Comment

One day, about 1-2 months back, while playing with Auntie Janet, Brandon and Andrea are hanging on to light baby blankets. Auntie Janet: Come here Brandon, let me tie this around your neck. Brandon: OK. Auntie Janet: Then you can be BATMAN! Brandon: No, I want…  

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Make-Believe Plus Reality

16.03.11 No Comments

We celebrated Brandon’s fourth birthday last night. It was loud, slightly chaotic, and a lot of fun amongst family members. All three kids were so well-mannered and well-behaved all day, especially Brandon who reigned in his excitement to open his birthday presents…  

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Dinner Etiquette

14.03.11 2 Comments

Tonight I tried a new recipe for chicken stir fried with cashew nuts. Brandon loves cashew nuts, so I thought he would be quite excited about this dish. So anyway, while we were eating, I wanted to tell the kids all the…  

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Musings on Activities With Kids

24.09.10 No Comments

These days Brandon usually quips that he’d rather not go to playschool. Which gets me thinking, what if one day I really need to pull them out of school? How would I keep them occupied? Doing things with the kids at this age (Brandon…  

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Thinking Aloud - Do My Children Misbehave Because Of Me?

17.08.10 No Comments

These past couple of days have seen some very embarrassing displays of bad behaviour from the kids—and me. Trying to get them to behave well makes me feel like a pot calling the kettle black… It’s awful. Let me set the stage first…  

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22.07.10 2 Comments

There have been so many instances lately where I found myself at a loss to know what to do/say/how to react. Brandon, clearly hearing what I tell him NOT to do, giving me one kind of look before deliberately disobeying. Andrea toppling over into…  

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