Makeover For Children’s Room Door

28.02.12 No Comments

Simple door makeover using fabric and homemade cornstarch glue.  

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The Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep

10.01.08 2 Comments

Some time ago Han and I started digging a little deeper into the world of posture-friendly mattresses. We did our online research, visited blogs and websites—then finally we made the time to visit a [Tempur]( showroom along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar. We were…  

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…And Fruit Flies Like Bananas.

19.12.06 5 Comments

I think only Ruach would appreciate the title of this post. Been getting lots done. Managed to find a sofa within a day, and took delivery of it within a week: The living room looks *much* more homely now that we have something to…  

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When You Move Into A New Place

27.08.06 No Comments

You have bags of rubbish like this: ![rubbish minor]( And rubbish on *this* scale: ![rubbish major](  

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Week #2

18.07.06 3 Comments

Hello again! I’m now at my (tiny) desk at my new workplace, with a cup of machine-‘bancuh’ed coffee… [5-hour time lapse] …! Correction, I was. I got whisked away to a looong management meeting. We adjourned for lunch, but will reconvene…  

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We Have Moved!

03.07.06 5 Comments

Last night Han and I were both dead on our feet, after 2 full days of non-stop packing, moving, cleaning, forgetting stuff from the house/apartment and having to do double trips, and not to mention sneezing from all the ancient dust we’ve…  

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Updates for the week

28.06.06 5 Comments

Income tax deadline on Friday. Finished doing up the forms for Han and Bantus this morning, just after the Brazil-Ghana match ended on the telly. [insert angelic choir singing] Now deciding whether to be hardworking and hand them in personally tomorrow morning,…  

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Fill ‘er Up

19.06.06 4 Comments

![Appliances in boxes viewed from the kitchen]( ‘View from the kitchen’) I can’t tell you how exciting it has been to see the apartment take shape over the past 2 weeks. It started off really quickly—lights went in, electric shower units, airconds, cabinets…then…  

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Change is in the Air

05.06.06 1 Comment

The excitement is electrifying (speaking of which, does anyone out there find that walking around Ikea gets you electrostatically-charged? I’ve bumped into Han and other Ikea pilgrims by accident, and almost always zapped them). Firstly, welcome back home, Ruach! KL…  

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I’ve Got My Sights On…

16.05.06 6 Comments

![moulinex juicer]( The Moulinex BKA-341 Juicer. I think it’s gorgeous! Its lovely curves also feature prominently on the inside, making it a snap to clean. The salesgirl at Best Denki told me that its 400W of power ensures that every…  

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