Planned vs Actual To-Do List

Thursday, 2 October 2014

What I wrote down as my to-do list this morning:

  1. Make 270 bars of soap (that's 3 batches) using the oils that I weighed out yesterday,
  2. Rewrap some soap in shrink wrapping for a corporate client,
  3. Tidy up post-soapmaking mess,
  4. Finish those first 3 items before lunchtime, then spend some time with the kids at home.

What I actually did today:

  1. Made 270 bars of soap - but took an entire morning to do it, because I underestimated how fussy my original intention for the design was. I also forgot that this recipe traces very, very quickly.
  2. Panicked about soap getting stuck in the pot.
  3. Rushed home at 11:55am to fetch Ngeowlings #2 and #3 from kindergarten.
  4. Wolfed down lunch, sent Ngeowling #1 to school at 12:30pm.
  5. Did our weekly grocery run.
  6. Dropped off groceries, headed back to studio to resume working.
  7. Tidied up post-soapmaking mess.
  8. Rewrapped soap in shrink wrapping for corporate client.
  9. Fetched Ngeowling #1 from school at 6pm.
  10. Ate a leisurely dinner, watched the kids playing for a bit.
  11. Drove out for our school's Capoeira Roda do Mes (Roda of the Month) at YMCA Brickfields, 8:30pm.
  12. Got home at 10:30pm, shower, stuffed my face with cake.
  13. (And now in progress: ) Go over my teaching notes for a short class on essential oils with a homeschooling group that will be happening tomorrow morning. >_<

The actual to-do list is representative of my typical workday. The reality of trying to run a business alongside family responsibilities is that I can plan all I want, but what is more important is to always try to make the most of each day.

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