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Sunday, 1 June 2014

I just tallied up all the money I've put into Kindersoaps' website this year alone, and it came up to a cool figure of RM999.09. What a nice number! 🙂 There were several new plugins to improve reporting functions, improve inventory tracking in a big way, and a new WooCommerce theme to replace the WP E-commerce platform we were using earlier.

Building a Woo Commerce site is many, many times more costly than a WP E-commerce one - but so far I find that the marketplace for Woo Commerce extensions, while more costly, is a much more seamless experience. While in the past I searched all over the web for WP E-commerce plugins developed by an array of developers, I can find extensions for pretty much any function I can think of in a single marketplace, for example WooThemes. Their online documentation is enough for me to be able to set up the plugins properly all on my own (and you know I'm definitely NOT a techie by any stretch of imagination).

I'm thoroughly enjoying this learning process. Han has been absolutely supportive of all this behind the scenes tweaking and tinkering of the website by providing insights and advice when asked for. And except for the actual transition from the old WP E-commerce platform to the new Woo Commerce theme, he hasn't had to lend a hand to fix any settings on the site to get it completely functional. I took care of that myself, and I'm glad his style of 'teaching' involves me learning to do things on my own. 🙂

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