A Down Day

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

...well, not exactly I suppose, but it's definitely been a brain fog day. I suspect it started because I opted out of having my usual morning cup of coffee and had my muesli at the studio instead. Ah well. 🙂

I decided to take it a bit slower today since I've already made over 500 bars of soap in the past week. Late in the evening, when the sun was much less intense, I went about the bunga telang bushes to collect some flowers, and here's what I saw:

140226 caterpillars

Beautiful caterpillars, all munching away at the flowers or leaves of the shrub. Interestingly enough is that they all look like the same kind of caterpillar. I wonder what butterfly they'll turn into. And look at the one on the right - it's managed to wrap itself up in a dried petal.

Anyway, I took some of the flowers in to boil. I'll be bringing the dye to the studio tomorrow to experiment with in soap (I hope I'll have time to do it).

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm doing things right. All this rushing around... Is it really necessary?


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