Thursday, 26 December 2013

And it isn't perfect, of course...

Design 101 054 photo 3


When I called up the camera shop to ask if my photos were ready, the man said, "You only got 5 photos lah, the rest all cannot." :p Oh well. Wasted film is part of the learning process!

So here are just a couple of shots which were notable. First is this one, taken from the kitchen table and looking out at the neighbours' homes across the street. I didn't realise that the leaves in the trees were so full of holes! I wonder what's eating them...

Design 101 054 photo 1


Next is a picture of the curtain in the kitchen, right next to the dining table.

Design 101 054 Photo 2


Some observations:

  1. Most of the photos were underexposed, especially the ones indoors, so I will need to increase the exposure time to maybe around 10 seconds instead of 5. Outdoor photos in bright sunshine, I reckon the exposure time should be between 2-3 seconds.
  2. Will definitely need to add weight to the pinhole camera so it doesn't shake so much. Or I'll have to just get used to placing it on a flat surface to take shots.
  3. The photos turned out to be very close-up in nature, when in fact the camera was quite a distance from those objects. It's most likely due to the long focal range (i.e. the length of the can). Maybe if I can find time to make another pinhole camera, I'll experiment with a shallower object so I can get a wider field of vision. A matchbox, perhaps?
  4. When examining the strip of film negatives, I see many long overexposed vertical lines that extend all the way to the edges of the film. I'm guessing that this means that light "leaked" onto the film strip at the edges of the square cardboard where the rolls of film were fastened to the camera.

I think I will make one more attempt at taking photos and improving the pinhole camera and see how the shots turn out. I doubt I will have the time nor the energy to continue improving the construction of the camera (and not to mention stocking up on films and printing the photos - it could get rather costly!).

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