Helping Brandon To Be Helpful

Monday, 17 June 2013

Just some thoughts.

I find myself pouncing on poor Brandon so often these days, mostly because he's off doing something

  • he didn't ask for permission to do,
  • 'helpful' which he didn't verify with any adults if it was necessary,
  • mindlessly, e.g. sweeping up dirt with his school textbook.

It's a knee jerk response from me and it isn't right. At the crux of it all, he does want to be helpful and is finding ways of doing so. Perhaps the reason why he doesn't ask for permission is because so often I tell him I'm busy doing work and would rather not be disturbed.


Anyway. Time to fix this. I have to be mentally prepared to teach him how to do things better (because he is definitely in the mode to learn) instead of just telling him off for leaving a disaster zone in his wake, and also allow him some freedom to get things done without me looking over his shoulder all the time.

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