When I Grow Old

Friday, 25 May 2012

My maternal grandfather passed away last weekend - Saturday, 19th of May. I was at the Malaysian Games and Comics Convention having a merry time at the Kinder Soaps booth, meeting all these new people, entertaining customers etc. When I received the news I didn't feel sad. My grandfather had a good, long and fulfilling life. I hope that now that he's free from his aged, earthly body and concerns, his soul is at peace. I know that not everything was rosy on the family front for him.

It got me thinking about how I want to be when I grow old.

We will all lose our mobility and physical function as we age. We can be bitter about it--or we can choose to focus on what we can still do to remain as productive members of society who can still contribute constructively towards it.

I for one would like to still retain a sound, alert mind and speech, well beyond the time when the rest of my body starts to fail me.

Because with it, I will still be able to offer encouragement, motivation, empathy and love to those who are in need of these.

I will still be able to tell my husband and children that I know them, that I'm discovering, even in my old age, new ways to love them. And I want them to know how proud I am of the good, upright people they have grown to be.

I will still laugh at fond memories, laugh in the present, and delight in the expectation of the gifts that each new day will bring.

So for now, these years will be crucial to cultivate all the necessary 'ingredients' to be that kind of person. I must remember that.

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